Anderson in Augusta County

Anderson in Augusta County

Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, Alexander         KIRKLAND, Esther            27 Apr 1786
ANDERSON, Robert            YOUNG, Margaret             13 Sep 1786
SHIELDS, James              ANDERSON, Rachel            10 Mar 1786
PATTERSON, Robert           ANDERSON, Jane              30 Jan 1786
McPHEETERS, John            ANDERSON, Mary              25 Dec 1787
ANDERSON, Andrew            CRAWFORD, Martha            13 Mar 1788
ANDERSON, George            BREEDON, Mary               12 Feb 1789
TORBET, Samuel              ANDERSON, Jeny              10 Nov 1790
ANDERSON, Charles           CAUL, Margaret              08 Nov 1792
SPENCE, William             ANDERSON, Polly             26 May 1793
LAIRD, James                ANDERSON, Jane              15 Aug 1797
POAGE, William              ANDERSON, Betsey            26 Jun 1800
ANDERSON, Robert            LOCKRIDGE, Christiana       24 Mar 1808
BROWN, Charles Tyree H      ANDERSON, Polly             08 Jul 1808

18th century Virginia land patents 
reveal the presence of:

Alexander 08/28/1789 Augusta County
187a northwest side of Middle River adj William Anderson

Alexander 05/24/1797 Augusta Co
52a Middle River adj Robert Anderson and his own

Alexander 01/22/1801 Augusta Co.
10a south side Middle River adj his own

Alexander 12/05/1821 Augusta Co
7.5a north side Moffitt's branch of Middle River

Alexander 11/30/1841 Augusta Co
40 a Middle River

George 01/30/1741 Augusta Co
330a both sides south branch of Shanando

George 11/25/1743 Augusta Co
200a branch of Cathey's River called Jennings Branch

George 05/24/1797 Augusta Co
86a Middle River adj Enos Jones & Robert Anderson
grants 39/295

Henry 09/24/1787 Augusta Co
270a North Branch of Sidlintons Creek a branch of Greenbrier
grants 15/276

James,Sr. 09/01/1780 Augusta Co
137a head spring of Long Glade
patents D/206

James 06/10/1740 Augusta Co
400a head of Long Glade of north River of Shanando

James 12/15/1749 Augusta Co
50a by the Long Glade

James 09/10/1755 Augusta Co
58a head spring Long Glade northwest side of his own

James 09/01/1780 Augusta Co
76a adj McComb, Blair, Wm & Sml Anderson and Wm Young's land

John 12/01/1740 Augusta Co
270a Andersons branch of Catheys River 
patents 19/839

John 09/10/1755 Augusta Co
135a both sides Middle River
Patents 32/648

John 02/14/1761 Augusta Co
360a branch of Shanando
patents 34/813

John 09/25/1762 Augusta Co
62 a west side long glade branch of North River of Shanando adj his own & James Blair
patents 34/1069

John 02/16/1771 Augusta Co
167a eastside Smith's Creek
patents 39/228

Samuel 06/01 1782 Augusta Co
34a Long Glade adj his own
grants F/501

Samuel 11/12/1787 Augusta Co
150a co-patent William Anderson
grants 14/186

William 06/10/1740 Augusta Co
400a both sides of middle River of Shanado
patents 19/632

William 12/01/1740 Augusta Co
90a south side Catheys River adj John Moffet & John Francis
patents 19/846

William 12/01/1740 Augusta Co
400a branch of Cathey's River called Anderson Branch
patents 19/892

William 03/05/1747 Augusta Co
400a south side middle River of Shanando called Catheys Creek
patents 26/205

William 08/16/1756 Augusta Co
82a adj his own
patents 34/128

William 07/15/1760 Augusta Co
100a James River
patents 34/598

William 03/01/1781 Augusta Co
210a SE side of his own adj Enos Jones
patents D/706

William 03/16/1792 Augusta Co
400a adj his own on Back Creek
grants 26/53

William 09/30/1796 Augusta Co
130a eastside Back Creek branch of South River
grants 34/615

William 11/12/1787 Augusta Co
150a co-patent Samuel Anderson draft of Naked Creek
grants 14/186

1810 Virginia Census

Name                  County           Page Family Statistics

Anderson, Alexander   Augusta          314  10101-02011-0,0
Anderson, Andrew      Augusta          312  11111-01101-0,0
Anderson, George      Augusta          314  10201-31010-0,0
Anderson, George,Jr.  Augusta          314  01001-00100-0,1
Anderson, James       Augusta          314  10010-30100-0,0
Anderson, James       Augusta          313  10202-22101-0,0
Anderson, William     Augusta          314  00010-00000-0,0


I suspect that all of these individuals belong to the descendants of John Anderson whose sons settled in Augusta County in the 1740's. This is a significant and large family of Virginia and not all of its branches have yet been documented. In addition a child or two of George Anderson may be mixed in.

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