Anderson in Amelia County

Anderson in Amelia County

Late 18th century tax records 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, Charles - a great grandson of Reynard Anderson
ANDERSON, Charles - a great grandson of Reynard Anderson
ANDERSON, Churchill - see Descendants of Richard Anderson
ANDERSON, Francis - see Descendants of Richard Anderson
ANDERSON, Francis - see Descendants of Reynard Anderson
ANDERSON, Henry - see Descendants of Reynard Anderson
ANDERSON, Henry - see Descendants of Reynard Anderson
ANDERSON, John - see Descendants of Reynard Anderson
ANDERSON, Jonathan - ?
ANDERSON, Paulin - see Descendants of Richard Anderson
ANDERSON, Richard - see Descendants of Richard Anderson
ANDERSON, Worsham - see Descendants of Reynard Anderson

Late 18th century marriage records
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, Francis           WELDON, Edith               09 Jul 1742
ANDERSON, Henry             COCKE, Martha               24 Jul 1760
ANDERSON, Richard           FOSTER, Jane                04 Mar 1761
GOODE, Mackerness           ANDERSON, Polly             20 Apr 1768
FARMER, Stephen             ANDERSON, Elizabeth         28 Mar 1776
ROBERTSON, George           ANDERSON, Nancy             10 Jul 1779
FREEMAN, Anderson           JOHNSON, Mildred            14 Sep 1781
BURT, Robert                ANDERSON, Ritta             09 Sep 1782
JAMES, Anderson             BAGLEY, Sally               26 Sep 1783
ECOLS, Elkanah              ANDERSON, Elizabeth         20 Aug 1783
BOOKER, Edward              ANDERSON, Edith Cobb        27 Oct 1783
TABB, John                  ANDERSON, Nancy             15 Dec 1784
ANDERSON, Worsham           KNIGHT, Misaniah            17 Nov 1784
ANDERSON, Reinard           FORD, Mary                  15 Dec 1784
ANDERSON, Matthew           DISEN, Martha               17 May 1787
WALTON, John                ANDERSON, Susanna           17 May 1787
JONES, Frederick            ANDERSON, Catharine         27 Dec 1787
MORE, Anderson              FORD, Mildred               12 Feb 1787
POWELL, William             ANDERSON, Ann Paulin        23 Dec 1788
ANDERSON, Matthew           BAGLEY, Polly               09 Apr 1789
VASSER, Daniel              ANDERSON, Frances           10 Jan 1789
WARD, John                  ANDERSON, Dosey             30 Mar 1789
WILSON, Daniel              ANDERSON, Elizabeth         27 Aug 1789
ANDERSON, Francis           BLACKBURN, Sally Anderson   01 May 1790
MEADOW, Anderson            POLLARD, Lucy               25 Nov 1790
WILSON, Thomas F.           ANDERSON, Ann               15 Aug 1796
PAULET, Thomas              HUGHES, Mary Anderson       06 Nov 1797
ANDERSON, Churchill         GOODE, Polly                27 Mar 1800
ANDERSON, Claiborne         JONES, Polly Branch         13 Jul 1801
STONE, Anderson             LIGON, Patsy                22 Jul 1801
JONES, Branch               ANDERSON, Dorothy           18 Dec 1802
ANDERSON, Charles           PONTON, Fanny               20 Dec 1805
SHORT, Samuel               ANDERSON, Berry             26 May 1806
GILLS, Anderson             WOODSON, Polly              27 Oct 1807
GRAVES, Thomas              ANDERSON, Susan             01 Oct 1809
JONES, Anderson H.          SEAY, Nancy W.              17 Dec 1810

18th century Virginia land patents
indicate the presence of:

Bartelot 09/05/1749 Amelia Co
953a. in Amelia & Lunenburg head branches of south fork of Buffalo and Little Roanoake (of Hanover County)

Charles 06/25/1747 Amelia Co
3122a On the Branches of Buffalo & Bryary Rivers

Charles 07/05/1751 Amelia Co
400a south side of the south fork of Buffalo River

Charles 06/30/1760 Amelia Co
1420a between branches of Bryery and Buffalo Rivers

Elizabeth 10/15/1741 Amelia Co (widow of Henry Anderson)
414a both sides of Beaverpond Creek

Henry 08/20/1747 Amelia Co
1202a between the branches of Bush River & the branches of Meherin on the road

James 06/05/1736 Amelia Co
537a upper side Woody Creek of Deep Creek

James 03/30/1743 Amelia Co
350a lower side of Mallory's Creek

James 03/20/1745 Amelia Co
404a north of Mallory's Creek

James,Jr. 10/01/1747 Amelia Co
104a north side Little Nottoway River
patents 28/271

Paulin 10/13/1736 Amelia Co
400a upper south horse pen fork of Stocks Creek
patents 17/181

Richard 08/20/1741 Amelia Co
252a south side Appamattox River
patents 19/1095

Thomas 09/22/1739 Amelia Co
254a North side Whetstone Creek in fork of Nottoway River adj Peter Binford
patents 18/469

1810 Virginia Census
Name                  County           Page Family Statistics

Anderson, Francis, Jr.Amelia           224  00110-00000-0,9
Anderson, Henry       Amelia           224  10110-10100-0,0
Anderson, Henry       Amelia           224  41001-30101-0,9
Anderson, Thomas      Amelia           224  00211-01110-0,9
Anderson, William     Amelia           224  00110-00000-0,0


There were several origins of the many Andersons in colonial Amelia county.

Bartelot and Charles Anderson patented land in western Amelia in the portion that became Prince Edward County. They were sons of Robert Anderson, II.

Near the Appomattox River in the northern portion of the original and current county where a grouping of the sons of Richard Anderson. Paulin and Richard originally obtained land by patent in the 1730's and some of these men's sons remained in Amelia but many others went on to settle in south central Virginia in Halifax, Pittsylvania and Henry Counties.

Another grouping of families occurred near the present site of Amelia Courthouse. These were from land patents obtained by Henry Anderson a son of Reynard Anderson in the early 1730's and then granted by will to his sons and by deed to son-in-laws.

A cousin of that family James Anderson a grandson of Reynard Anderson had advanced his land claims westward along the Butterwood Creek of Dinwiddie County and found himself by 1740 in the southern portion of Amelia county in the portion that became Nottoway County north of current Blackstone. He can be distinguished in county records from the next family by noticing that both he James, Sr. and his son James, Jr. married women by the christian name of Elizabeth.

Lastly, another grouping of Andersons occurs just west of Blackstone in then Amelia but now Nottoway county founded by purchase and patent by James Anderson son of Thomas Anderson in 1732-1735. The James, Sr. and James, Jr. of this family can be distinguished from the prior group in county records by the fact that both married women by the christian name Mary. James Sr. married a Rebecca as a second wife.

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