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Welcome To the Maguire Genealogy Site

Maguire Genealogy Site

Many thanks to Jim Maguire, Philip McManus, and Patrick MacAuley
who furnished most of the information for this site





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********************************************************************** The following sites are very helpful "Rootsweb" resource pages, each one contains valuable information about surnames and locations along with several types of search engines At this site you type in the names of the persons you are researching, if they are listed in any of the databases you will be given links to them, some of them include Gedcoms you can download, it is very similair to FTM's "World Family Tree" except it is all free. World Connect Project At this one,all you need to do is enter a surname of interest and you will receive all of the information housed at rootsweb about that particular surname Surname Resources At the next site click on the state of your choice, then on the county of your choice and you will receive all of the resource information housed at rootsweb available for that county State and County Resources **********************************************************************



Visit the USGenWeb
check out the resources

The main USGenWeb page contains links to all 50 states. On each state page are links to each county page.

The Internets Oldest
and Largest Genealogy site

The Roots Surname List (RSL) on Rootsweb has united me with more new "cousins" than any other resource on the internet. Besides the RSL you will find many types of search engines to help you find the vast amounts of information available at Rootsweb

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