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William DEQUASIE was born 22 MAR 1793 in Hanover Co. Virginia. He married Elizabeth CARY on 26 NOV 1821 in Nelson County, VA. Elizabeth was born in 1806. William served in the Virginia Militia during the War of 1812 from 1 SEP 1813 to 1 MAR 1814. He was a private in the company commanded by Captain William C. Scott as well as being drafted into the company of Captain James Hughs in the Eighth Regimen, Fourth Brigade.

DeQuasie History - This is an excerpt from the Summers County History book that tells of the DeQuasie's coming to and settling on Hump Mountain (Lockbridge, WV).

Click to view a copy of a tax ticket for William DeQuasie from 1844 here.


William and Elizabeth DEQUASIE had seven children. They were:

Verdiman R. DEQUASIE, ca. born 1824, 17 DEC 1902, and married Rebecca MILLER, born 1808, died 1875. They were married 26 OCT 1854. Verdiman was buried in an unmarked grave at Elk Knob, Summers County. (Recorded in Summers County, WV)

Sarah DEQUASIE, born 9 DEC 1825, married Hugh RICHMOND on 12 DEC 1851 in Greenbrier County. She died on 17 MAY 1868 and is buried at Richmond Cemetery in Sandstone, WV. [There are no marked graves for Sarah & Hugh Richmond at this cemetery, although some records indicate that they were. Some graves were moved from the construction of I-64. There are several new unmarked stones.]

Lorenzo DEQUASIE, born 1833, married Elizabeth A. BROOKS in 1857. His second wife was Martha DOZIER from Greenbrier County. His third wife was Rachel PERRIN from Pennsylvania and a widow. He died in 1887 and is buried at Deems Ford Cemetery in Wirt County.

+Ruth DEQUASIE, born 22 MAR 1835, d. 4 SEP 1909. She married Cornelius STICKLER. Ruth is buried at DeQuasie Cemetery in Lockbridge, WV.

Mary A. DEQUASIE, born 1838, married 19 JUL 1855 to William A. MILLER. She died on 29 AUG 1890 and is buried at Halidan Cemetery.

Harrison DEQUASIE (Bug), born 1 JAN 1841 and died 11 MAY 1893 and is buried at DeQuasie Cemetery in Lockbridge, WV.

Elizabeth DEQUASIE (Bett), born 1842, died 1906 and buried at DeQuasie Cemetery in Lockbridge, WV.


Cornelius and Ruth DeQuasie STICKLER had six children.

Andrew J. STICKLER, born ABT 1855, died 1931 and buried at DeQuasie Cemetery in Lockbridge, WV.

Elizabeth STICKLER, born 28 DEC 1861.

Virginia STICKLER, born 2 JAN 1863.

Luvenia STICKLER, born ABT 1868.

+Martha Jane STICKLER, born 14 APR 1871, married Robert Ernest ST. CLAIR on 13 JAN 1889. She died on 13 MAR 1958 at DeQuasie Cemetery in Lockbridge, WV.

William L. STICKLER, born about 1872.

James A. STICKLER, born 1874, died 1955, buried at DeQuasie Cemetery in Lockbridge, WV.

Louisa STICKLER, born 1878.

Verdiman DeQuasie & Rebecca Miller had the following children:

Amanda J. DEQUASIE, b. ca 1856-7 Fayette Co. VA, m. 18 MAR 1880 Summers Co. WV S.H. NUNLEY.

William M. DEQUASIE, b. ca. 1858-9 Fayette Co. WV, m. 24 DEC 1885 Summers Co. WV, Dicy L. BURDETT.

Arabella DEQUASIE, b. ca. 1860 Fayette Co. WV, m. 17 FEB 1876 Summers Co. WV, A.B.H. YOUNG.

Elizabeth A. DEQUASIE, b. ca. 1862-3 Fayette Co. WV, m. 14 DEC 1887 Summers Co. WV, Joseph J. GRIMMETT.

Mary F. DEQUASIE, b. ca 1864, Monroe Co. VA, m. 28 AUG 1887 Summers Co. WV, Joseph Dillard RICHMOND.

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