DeHart Picture Gallery

DeHart Picture Gallery

Abraham DeHart's Barn m. Christina ENSMINGER. On the homestead at Knob's Hill a few miles out of Union, WV(VA), Monroe Co. WV. Abraham is the son of Cornelius and Moica DeHart, grandson of Gysbert and Antie Wynant DeHart and great grandson of Symon Aertszen and Geertje Cornelissen DeHart. (Contributed by Deanie DeHart Plate)

Abraham DeHart's Pond On the homestead above. Abraham & sons dammed up a spring to make a pond and it is actually quite big and very deep. It now has fish in it, one being the small mouth bass. Neighboring farmers still cut the hay off the fields every year. No one lives on this lovely farm anymore, probably because it is off the main road. (Contributed by Deanie DeHart Plate)

Abraham DeHart's Cemetery On the homestead above. It is located quite a ways back from where the house was and right out in the woods. It is in need of repair and should have a fence around it. There were some nice big headstones there, one being for Michael Alexander DeHart and his wife, Sarah A. DeHart, the son of Samuel DeHart. Samuel and Sophia DeHart are buried here and it is belived that Abraham and his wife are also, although we couldn't find his name on any of the large flat slabs that marked many of the old graves. There are many of Abraham's grandchildren and great grandchildren resting in this cemetery too. (Contributed by Deanie DeHart Plate)

Bessie Alice DeHart, daughter of Isaac Frank DeHart, granddaughter of Isaac Newton DeHart, greatgranddaughter of Abraham DeHart (above) of Monroe Co. VA/WV. (Contributed by David Conner)

Robert Henry KING and his wife Naomi Caroline DEHART This is a photo taken ca 1938 in Beckley WV. (Contributed by John Brandt, greatgrandson.)

Sarah Nell KING - (Mrs. John Benton CLIFTON) taken ca 1924. She was the daughter of Robert Henry KING and Naomi Caroline DeHART. (Contributed by John Brandt, grandson.)

Sarah Nell KING Obituary (Mrs. John Benton CLIFTON) She was the daughter of Robert Henry KING and Naomi Caroline DeHART. (Contributed by John Brandt, grandson.)

James Robert DeHart & Julia Anne Rakes Greatgrandparents of Debbie Howard & Gloria Lambert. (Contributed by Debbie Howard)

Sarah Minerva DeHart and her husband, John Watkins Breedlove Sarah was the daughter of William and Sarah Lovelace DeHart. William was the son of Nathan DeHart (who wrote the letter in 1858) and his wife, Catherine Ramsey, etc., etc. I would guess that this picture was taken in the late 1800's or early 1900's. (Contributed by Linda Banwarth)

Ballard Preston DeHart b. Patrick County VA 4-15-1886 d 3-8-1930 Hickman, Ky, tintype taken in early 1900's (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

Ballard Preston DeHart taken about 1929 or 1930 (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

Three brothers Taken in Hickman,KY about 1910 From (viewers)left to right: Joe Elgin DeHart b 6-16-1899 - Birthum Ballard b 3-12-1922 Charlie Mack 1-7-1898 (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

Charlie Mack DeHart about 1918, father of Roy DeHart (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

Charlie Mack DeHart about 1920; Charlie (left - viewers), his brother Joe Elgin on the right, the person in the middle is unknown. Picture taken Hickman, KY in the early 1920s. (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

Otho DeHart, brother of Ballard Preston DeHart, son of Joseph C. DeHart. (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

DeHart Bible & Tire Center (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

DeHart Whiskey Label (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

DeHart Whiskey Ad Please note this is a HUUUUUUGE file, please be patient while it loads. (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

DeHart House This is the Joseph H. DeHart house on Rock Castle Creek near Woolwine VA, now known as the Mountain Rose Bed & Breakfast. (About 8 miles from Stuart - county seat of Patrick County. (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

DeHart House Joseph H. DeHart house, as above. (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

DeHart House Joseph H. DeHart house, as above. The pool is fed by the same spring that furnished the water for the DeHart whiskies. (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

Rock Castle Creek View from the upper front porch. (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

Rock Castle Creek View from the upper front porch (closer view). (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

Rye Whiskey Label as mentioned in the above description. (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

DeHart House (another one) This is from the Stuart, VA newspaper--Sept.1979 (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

Bob White Covered Bridge - near Woolwine VA, Patrick County. (Contributed by Roy DeHart)

George William "Mac" Conner built this house and was completed in 1916. Mac Conner is the gr-grandfather of David Conner. The land that the house is on is in the middle of the Rocky Knob Park. Mac Conner had run a Merchantile Store in Martinsville and moved back to Patrick County. The land that the house was built on was originally owned by Reed Belcher, Mac Conner's father in law. Mac Conner planted an apple orchard across Rock Castle Creek from the house. Family speculation says that he planned to supply a distillery with apples. We would assume the DeHart disltillery since it was down the creek a ways. Facts about the house: The siding is Yellow Poplar. The floor joists were built out of Locust and Chestnut. The Walls in the house were made from Chestnut, which was plentiful wood back then (which was before the Chestnut blight made it to that region.)(Contributed by David Conner)

Jesse K. Adkins, son of Samuel P. and Mary DeHart Adkins, grandson of Gabriel and Martha Henson DeHart. The little boy in the picture is Andrew J. Adkins, ggrandson of Gabriel & Martha Henson DeHart. Photo made 1912. (Contributed by Minnie Anderson)

Mary Elizabeth Adkins daughter of Jesse Adkins and grandaughter of Mary DeHart and Samuel Adkins. Taken ca 1920s. (Contributed by Minnie Anderson)

Susan Dragoo DeHart Contributed by Chuck Krimm

Dallas DeHart Family Photos, these are all Western North Carolina De Hart family members. Dallas was a younger son of John H. De Hart, the original De Hart to move into Western North Carolina. After John H. moved into Western North Carolina, his parents Nathan and Catherine Ramsey and his brother William all made the move as well. Dallas named a son after his father. Samuel Dillard (married Clementine/Clemie Martin) are the grandparents of Meredith & Vincent DeHart who have contributed these pictures.

Lydia DeHart & James Sharpe TABOR - Lydia was the d/o John DeHart and Jane Roberts. Jane's parents were William Roberts and Lydia ??. John DeHart's parents were Nathan and Catherine Ramsey DeHart. (Contributed by Libby Nations)

William Henry DEHART & wife Mary Ellen RIDDLE DEHART (Contributed by Debbie Howard)

Zola Mae DEHART SARGENT - She was born Dec 28, 1906 in Rowan Co, Ky and died August 30, 1989 in Roann, Indiana. She married John Harve Sargent. (Contributed by Debbie Howard)

William Chester DEHART - He was born Apr 8, 1925 in Scioto Co, Ohio and married Nancy Barnett. He died Dec 31, 1994. (Contributed by Debbie Howard)

Sarah Jane DEHART - b. 11-12-1853 Morgan Co. KY on North Fork, d. before 1904 Elliott Co., KY, d/oGaberial Dehart and Martha Patsy Henson. Sarah married 1st James W. Carson on 9-21-1876 Morgan co ky and they had 2 kids Mary Lou and Joshua Carson. Sarah married 2nd James William Blair m. 5-3-1884 Morgan CO ky, James b= 1-24-1865 Morgan Co, KY and d. 1-4-1935 W. Liberty Morgan CO ky,. Son of William Blair and Mary Jane Walsh. (Contributed by Phyllis)

Edna DEHART - She was probably about 2 years old. Edna Grace DeHart Ewing 1888-1972 (Contributed by Louise Morton)

John William DEHART

DEHART Paint & Varnish Company

DEHART, Elder Leander - son of Wm Lawson & Frances Etta (Dalton) DeHart, baptizing his daughter Delphia and her husband George Noonkester. Woman in background is unknown. (Contributed by Danny Jenkins)

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