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DEHART MAYO, Abigail - Mrs. Abigail Mayo of Belleville: Another remarkable lady of Richmond, Virginia ,was Mrs. Mayo the consort of Col. John Mayo of Belleville. Mrs. Mayo was the intimate friend of Mrs. Wood ? and like her an elegant writer in prose. A journal she kept during her sojourn in Europe in 1829 had been found among her papers. Mrs. Mayo's maiden name was DEHART, and her native place Elizabethtown New Jersey. She was very distinguished for her personal comeliness and mental endowments, so much so, it was said by some of her companions and admirers that in her were united , the beauty of Venus, the dignity of Juno, and the wisdom of Minerva.

She was a woman of rare mind , character and talent, kind hearted and charitable. She departed this life on the 2nd of October 1843, she had reached the advanced age of 82 when taken ill. Mrs. Mayo the widow of Col.John Mayo , and mother in-law of Gen.Winfield Scott, and Dr. R.H.Cabell of this city. Mrs. Mayo lies interred near her husband and children in the family cemetery of Powhatan seat a short distance from Richmond.

Journal : Home Annals- Southern Literary Messenger-Pub 1850 Richmond Virginia- Author, Julie Mayo Cabell.

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