A Genealogical Study of the DeHart Family - by Thomas Day DeHart

Simon, Sr., b. 1690-1700
Simon, Jr., b. bef 1730
Elias, b. 1730, brother of Aaron
Aaron, b. bef 1740
Susan & Mary, daughters of Aaron
James, b. 1760-1770, son of Aaron
Elijah, b. 1770-1780, son of Aaron
Gabriel P., b. 1780, son of Aaron
Gabriel, Jr., b. 1811, son of Gabriel P. & Hannah Charity Hubbard
Stephan Hubbard, b. 1834, son of Gabriel, Jr. and Martha "Patsey" Gates

A Preliminary Study of the Origin and History of the DeHart Family - By: Andrew Jackson DeHart

President's Message - A.J. DeHart, Descendant of Elias & Elizabeth Tollson DeHart, son of Dallas DeHart
Review of 1st, 2nd & 3rd Reunions
Dallas DeHart
Mary DeHart - 9 JAN 1831 - 10 FEB 1900
John H. DeHart
Martin DeHart
Spencer Shearer - A Memorial
Extracts from the Address of Sam G. DeHart of Stuart, VA
Incidents in the Life of John DeHart
Deacon John DeHart
Shearer & DeHart Families
Mary DeHart Truitt
Letter from Nathan DeHart to Martin DeHart
Ancestors of the DeHart & Shearer Families
Gen. Richard P. & Dr. Wm. DeHart
Letter from Edwin Howe DeHart
Letter Extracts (compiled by A.J. DeHart)
Second Reunion Register
Agenda for next reunion & some of the visitors

A Genealogical Study of the DeHart Family - by Joseph B. Blackard (Meadows of Dan, VA) (update by Nettie Simon Clifton)

History of the DeHart Family - Submitted by Eunice B. Kirkman

History of Simon DeHart Home - Brooklyn, NY (by Linda Banwarth) with picture

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