LA Grange Inn, a landmark on the south shore of Long Island, has been in existence more than two hundred years and has always been under the management of a Higbie. The old Inn played a prominent part in Revolutionary days. Records show that General Lafayette, while visiting Long Island as the Nation's guest was entertained at the Inn. The entire tract where Christ Church and the Inn are located was owned by members of the family. For several years they have held annual reunions. The family is one of the oldest in the country and has over six thousand scattered over the United States. Edward Higby was the first member of the family to come from Ivinghoe, England, to America. His descendants now live in practically every town and village on Long Island.



Roy Clifton Higby, Toastmaster

September 18th, 1926

WELCOME;.Mrs. Francena Adele Higby

RESPONSE;...George Herbert Higbie


;Enoch Alonzo Higbee

;Edward Higbee

;Edward Cady Higbee

;Edward David Shurtleff

Harry Higbee

Clark Earl Higbee



On September 17 and 18, 1926, Mrs. Francena Adele Higby and her son, Roy Clifton Higby, became hosts and entertained as their guests at their popular Adirondack Summer Resort, "Higby Camp", Big Moose, N. Y., the Higbys - Higbees and Higbies of America. A royal welcome was given the Rochester and Western flew York members who attended the reunion for the first time, Mrs. Horace Higbie; of Wellsville, N.Y.; her daughter, Mrs. Onnolee Higbie Earley,of Olean, N.Y.; and Mrs. Ida Higbie Forbes of Rochester, N.Y., who described it in the following letter home

"I have worked for twenty years on our genealogy seeking every possible clue; to find the descendants of Edward1, Nathaniel2, Nathaniel3, and William4. William5, our grandfather, b. 1781 at Fredericksburg, N. Y.; came to Penfield with his family in l835.

My life's dream has been fulfilled. I have found many of them here about my own age or younger-descendants of grandfather's brother, John, and we all had our photographs taken together. When I first saw so many Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Professors, and Ministers arriving, I wondered what I could say to interest them at the dinner but after Friday Night around the great fireplace and all asking,"how do you spell your name and where are you from?": we felt like brothers and sisters. I also found that they had been as anxious to hear of the Rochester Higbies as we were to hear of our kin on Long Island. Found the spelling of the name was changed by the lawyers in different states in recording deeds, etc. Connecticut - "Higby" Ohio - "Higbee"; and Long Island retains the original name used by Edward's son, Nathanie12 "Higbie". A finer group of people I never met anywhere and it was like a dream seeing some in this generation so like father, Uncle Silas, Alanson and Nathan. I had heard of Judge Enoch Higbee of Atlantic City and found that he looked enough like Cousin Nate of Chicago to be his twin brother. His brother, Absalom, was Cousin Frank Higbie's double. The Judge was as proud of his kin as we are and he said that the characteristics remained the same--generation after generation--honesty, loyalty, courage, truthfulness, patriotism, religious, moral, upright and usually Republicans. He was jolly and full of jokes and said that all the family loved humor.

Alice Higby Downs of Burlington, Vt., is the eldest living Higbie, 91, and she didn't seem a day over 65 years. I was so thrilled to find that my husband's great grandfather, Squire Forbes, who started the "iron foundries", lived in Connecticut when she was a child and the Forbes and Higbies intermarried even that far back. All were so interested in church work--even the present young married people. Sunday afternoon at dusk Onnolee played hymns in the hotel parlor and all came in, joining in the songs. How wonderful and inspiring it was to hear all of those Higbie voices ringing over those old mountains. It seemed like a vision of the next life when we shall all be reunited again!! We were there from Friday till Tuesday and made many good friends. We were especially glad to meet the descendants of Grandfather William's5 brother, John Thomas5."

  1. Susan Amelia, b. Sept. 15, 1853; m.. Dec. 15, 1584, William Glover of Brooklyn, N. Y.
  2. Abigail Ann, b. March 6, 1856; d. Sept. 4, 1906; m. Dec. 1, 1880, Frank Wakeman Reeves (b. May 1, 1853)


    (1) Richard Wakeman Reeves, b. Jan. 24, 1888
    (2) Howell Higbie Reeves b. July 30, 1898
    (3) Mildren Russell Reeves, b. April 13, 1900

  3. Ella Bertha, b.April 15, 1858; m. Nov. 16, 1882, Edward Reeves (brother of Frank Wakeman Reeves) born May 16, 1860.
  4. Phebe Etta, b. Sept. 8, 1861 m. Nov. l4 1589, Charles Russell


Francena Adele Higby (daughter of Franklin and Elizabeth Jones of Sperryvi1le married Oct. 15, 1890, James Henry Higby(James Harrison7, Jeduthan6, Jeduthan5, John4, Edward3, John2, Edward1), who was born at Turin Lewis County, N. Y. April 27, 1843. On his father's return from the Civil War he took up the business of trapper and guide in the Adirondack Mountains and became familiar with every section of this wild country. He was for sixteen years guide for Hon. Lewis Lawrence and his son of Utica, N. Y., and the last survivor of the Lawrence guides. He was active in public affairs and was the first Justice of the Peace in Webb Herkimer County, N. Y., from 1894-1896. He was Republican in politics; a Mason in Booneville Lodge F. and A. M.; member of Oneida Chapter R. A. M. and Oriental Lodge No. 224 at Utica. For forty-eight years a consistent member of the Methodist Church and was active in church work. In 1886 he erected at Big Moose Lake a camp built of logs which he developed later into a hotel. As landlord he was very popular. His knowledge of the mountains made him a most interesting host. He was renowned as one of the most learned men in this wild and interesting region. During the latter part of his life he spent his winters at his home at Utica where he died Dec. 21, 1913.

Children born at Big Moose, N. Y.:

Carlton Newton Higby (James Harrison7, Jeduthan6, Jeduthan51 John4, Edward3, John2, Edward1); a Methodist Clergyman, was born at Bristol, Illinois, Nov. 21, 1846. Removed with his parents to their native home in Lewis County, N. Y. He married in Lambton County, Ontario, Canada, May 25, 1868, Mary Ann Brown, who was born at Derby. England May 6, 1848. lIe was seventeen years in the service of the Methodist Church as Clergyman. Died April 17, 1888. His wofe died Nov. 30, 1923. Both are buried at Turin Lewis County, N. Y.


Franklin Philander Higby (James Harrison7, Jeduthan6, Jeduthan51 John4, Edward3, John2, Edward1)was born Aug. 50, 1849, at Greig Lewis County, N. Y. Married March 14, 1872, at New Bremen, N. Y., .Estella Charlotte Pitcher, who was born April 5, 1854 and who died in 1926 at Troy, N. Y. They settled at Chase La?. Lewis County, and for several years he conducted saw mills in Lewis County, removed to Cohoes, N. Y. in 1891, where he engaged as agent in business insurance. In 1901, he removed to Winthrop, Mass., for a short stay, then dwelt in North Troy. He seemed to be a general favorite at the 1926 reunion and was affectionately called "Uncle Frank" by many.


	(1)	Clifford Canton,	b. April 3, 1890

	(2)	Stanley Livingston	b. March 10, 1901

George Herbert Higbie (Alexander7, Daniol6,James5, Henry , John', Samuel, Edward) born at Springfield, Queens County, Long Island, March 25; 1859. First President of the Higbie Association which met in the Presbyterian Church at Springfield Gardens, Oct. 14, 1922. Educated at New York University. Real Estate and Loan Broker of Springfield Gardens--taking an important part in thte development of that section. He retired in May, 1922; removing to Morris Plains, N. J. Served the town of Jamaica as Commissioner of Highways. Fourteen years Grand Secretary and Grand Chief Templar of the International Order of Good Templars. Delegate to the International Lodge Conventions at Hamburg, Germany, in 1911 and at Christiara, Nonvay, in 1914. On Board of Directors in Public School Management. Married Feb. 17, 1880, Alice Ann Amborman. Two daughters: Mrs. Joseph Winifred Berger and Alice Cecilia, who married Rev. Archie Hine Hook at Morris Plains, N, J.



Judge Enoch Alonzo Higbee of Somers Point, N. J. Common Pleas Judge and present Counselor for the Atlantic County Board of Freeholders. Born at Leeds Point, April 22, l863, son of Captain Enoch and Bethiah Higbee. Captain Higbee was a veteran of the California gold rush of 1849. Judge Higbee holds the honor of being the youngest lawyer ever to be selected President of the Atlantic County Bar Association and he presided at the meeting which saw the founding of the State Bar Association. Since 1904, he has served as a Director of the Union. National Bank of which he is now President. He was four times Mayor of Somers Point, and for twenty years Atlantic County Solicitor. As a lawyer the Judge had the reputation of being painstaking and diligent: As a jurist, of being. just: and as a public speaker, of being popular and pleasing. His gift of oratory gave him an easy command of his hearers and did nuch to make him one of the outstanding figures of his profession. During the world War, he used his oratorical abilities to good advantage as a "Four Minute Man", On May 2, 1885 he married Ann Eliza Cake McCullom, daughter of James and Mary McCullom of Cedar Lake. Ann was born at Port Republic, N. J., Aug. 11, 1863. Their children: Enoch A. Higbee Jr,, Margate City, Solicitor; Mrs. Raymond Smith; Mrs. Sidney Soull; and Miss Clara Higbee, all of Somers Point; and Mrs. William C. Boyer of Atlantic City.



JudgeEdward Higbee8 (Jesse7, Obadiah6, Obadiah5, Peter41 Edward31 Edward23 Edward1) was born at Ashland, Ohio in 1847. Spent three years at Iowa State University. Taught school and read law. Married at Lancaster, Mo., Mary Isabelle Berney, of Doersville, Ohio, 1848. Elected to the Legislature of Missouri in 1894. In 1916 appointed a member of the District Draft Board, served a chairman for 16 months. Elected Judge of the Supreme Court of Missouri on the Republican ticket in 1920, term expiring Dcc. 31, 1922. The following February the Supreme Court appointed him a member of the Supreme Court Commission for a term of four years. "The Commission consisting of four men learned in the law chosen by the Judges for the ablest help to the Court within the State." He served as Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons. He was elder of the Christian Church, of Kirksville, in 1923. For twenty years Secretary 0£ the School Board of Kirksville. Dwelt in Kirksville in 1923.




Judge Edward Cady Higbee was born at Plainville, Wisconsin1 Sept. 16, 1855. Graduate of University of Wisconsin, He settled in Arcadia, Wisconsin, and practiced law. He was a Republican in politics and active in the party. His high standing led to his appointment as President Judge in the 6th Judicial Circuit of Wisconsin, June 5, 1909, to which office he has been repeatedly elected since then. He resided at La Crosse in 1924.




Judge Edward David Shurtleff Higby was born at Willsboro, Essex County, New York Sept. 19, 1863. A prominent lawyer and Judge of the Circuit Court of his state. Living at Marengo in 1926.




Judge Harry Higbee was born at Pittsfield, Illinois, Dec, 13, 1854. He was a student for a time at Yale University. Studied law at Columbia and Union College, Chicago. He practiced lmv and in Jnne, 1897, was elected Circuit Judge, which office he was holding in 1926 with much credit. For twenty-seven years of service the Supreme Judges of the State have chosen him to serve as Appellate Judge. Member of the Episcopal Church, of the Masonic Order, and the Elks. Married at Pittsfield, Dec. 18, 1879, Emna~Hicka, who was born April 18, 1854 and who died at Pittsfield, July 12, 1881. He married secondly at Pittsfield3 July 8, 1919, Maude Moreland, who was born at Clinton, Illinois, Aug. 25, 1874. His father Chauncey Lawson8 Higbee (Elias7, Isaac6, John5, Edward4, John3, Edward2, Edward1) was born in Tate Township, Clermont County, Ohio, Dec. 9, 1827, married at Quincy, Feb. 14, 1854, Julia May White, who was born at Georgetown, Ohio, June 3, 1833. He settled at Pittsfield shortly after his marriage and by his personal energy he became a leading lawyer in the new state, and was elected to the office of Circuit Judge, which office he fi1led with credit for twenty-three years, and was chosen by the Supreme Judges to act as Appellate Judge for seven years. He died at Pittsfield, Dec. 9, 1884. A marvelous record for father and son.




Judge Clark Earl Higbee was born April 28, 1883. Graduated in law from University of Michigan, l906. Practiced law at Grand Rapids, Michigan until 1912 when he was appointed Judge of Probate Court of Kent County, Michigan. Served six months. 1916, Machine Gun Company, Thirty-Second Regiment as 1st Sergeant. Member of Congregational Church, Masonic Order, University Club and Science Club. His father Lewis Edward Higbee was born near Lockport, N. Y., June 16, 1846. Graduated.. 1885, from the University of Michigan, Medical Dept. Practiced medicine at Potterville, Michigan. He married Ella Amelia Cranston, whose ancestor John Cranston. was Governor of Rhode Island. He was successful in his practice and a man of high character in all walks of life.




Absalom Henry Higbee, brother Judge Enoch Higbee, was active in the development of Somer's Point, N. J. Real estate and insurance. He was a most substantial man and citizen.

ISAAC HENDRICKSON HIGBIE( Samuel Edward6, John Thomas5,William4, Nathaniel3,Nathaniel2 Edward1 ), b. Nov. 11, 1814, in Jamaica. Brother of George Lane7 Higbie. Isaac married May 4, 1836, Ann Mills, daughter of John Samuel and Catherine (Phillips).

Robert Winfield Higbie (Alexander7 Higbie, Daniel6, James5, William4, John3, Samuel2, Edward1), a lumber merchant and financier, b. March 5, 1863, at Springfield1 L. I. Graduate of N. Y. University, 1882, Valedictorian of his class.

He married Anna Augusta Pearsall and settled at Jamaica, Queens County, engaged in insurance, mortgage and financial investments. Later engaged in wholesale lumber business with interests in the Adirondack section and office in New York City. He retired in 1920 and devoted himself entirely to handling mortgages and real estate investments and dwelt in Jamaica. He ranked high as a business man of sound economic policies.

Member of the Lawyers Club of New York City and others. Consistent member of the protestant Episcopal Church and a Republican in politics. He was chosen Regent of the University of the State of New York on February 12, 1926.



  1. Hamilton Alexander b. at Flushing, L. I. Sept. 18, 1919.




(Taken from the New, York Times)


June 21, 1936. Robert Winfield Higbie or 115-05 Mayfair Road, Kew Gardens, Queens, retired banker, one of the principal developers of the Borough of Queens, who has been a member of the New York State Board of Regents since 1925, died early yesterday morning in the Jamaica Hospital, having failed to rally from an operation performed three weeks ago. He was 73 years old.

The near relatives who survive are his widow, who was Anna Augusta Pearsall of Lynbrook, L.I., at their marriage in 1888, and two sons, Hamilton A. Higbie of Ken Gardens and Robert W. Higbie Jr. of Jamaica. The funeral service will be held in Cypress Hills Abbey at 4:30 P.M. tomorrow.

Mr. Higbie, the only representative of Queens on the board of directors of the New York World's Fair, was born at Springfield Gardens, Queens, the son of Alexander Higbie, a wealthy farmer of the district long active in local affairs. In 1882 he received the degree of A.B. from New York University, which made him a Master of Arts in 1807, a Doctor of Laws in 1932.

After three years in banking, he turned to the lumber business, and from 1896 to 1916 directed the Robert W. Higbie Company, which owned large lumber tracts in the Adirondacks. He was president of the Sea Coast Realty Company, Queensboro Development and Higbie Corner and vice president of the Forest Hill Estates and the Jamaica Savings Bank. In 1910-11 he was president of the National wholesale Lumber Dealers Association.

From 1913 to 1915 Mr. Higbie was president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Borough of Queens, an organization he served for years as chairman of its transit committee. He had also ben chairman of the $500,000 Soldiers Memorial Hospital campaign of 1919 and of the Roosevelt Memorial Commission, for Queens.

Although active in Queens politics for more than a generation, Mr. Higbie ran for office only once, in 1917, when he campaigned unsuccessfully for the borough Presidency as the candidate of the Fusion and Republican tickets against the late Maurice E. Connolly.

Before his appointment to the Board of Regents, Mr. Higbie had worked with the late County Clerk John H. Sutphin end the late Aaron Degraw to secure for Jamaica the State Normal School, which is now the Jamaica Vocational School. A director of the Brooklyn and Queens Y.M.C.A., he was principally responsible for the erection of the $250,000 Jamaica Y.M.C.A. building.

In 1931 Governor Smith placed Mr. Higbie on the New York State Reforestation Commission, where he urged a program of tree-planting on idle acres in New York State, especially on Long Island. Mr. Higbie had also served on the Now York State Charter Revision Commission, which was dissolved two years ago. He was a member of the Queens Valley Golf Club, the Jamaica Club and the Richmond hill Masonic Lodge.

Paul Wilbor Higbie was born June 7, 1892, at Proctor, Vt. Graduated from Yale University, Enlisted in world War, June 29, 1917, First Lieutenant, Quartermasters Corps, 317th Service Battalion, Was overseas one year. Mustered out July 14, 1919. He married at Island Pond, Vermont1 June 25, 1921, Catherine Ann Stroke, who was born at Marshall, Texas, May 18, 1895 daughter of Lewis and Catherine

	1.	Wilbor Enoch II,	b. Feb. 9, 1923

	2.	Dale Stroke,	b. Jan. 14, 1925

His fathor Wilbor Enoch Higbee (Nathaniel7, James6, Nathaniel5, Jamnes4, Nathaniel3, Nathanial2, Edward1). James4 was a cousin of our great grandfather William4. Wilbor Enoch was born at Monkton, Vt. March 30, 1862. In 1879 he entered the Vermont Marble Company at Proctor, Vt., with which Company he remained in various relations all his life. At his death in Dec., 1922, he had been Secretary of the Company, and General Superintendent of the Finishing Dept. for many years. He rose steadily in the Company and was one of the foremost men of the world. The Company had quarries in all the marble-producing countries. He was a strong force in extending this art in memorial and architectural work. The best artists were employed in decorative work. It was his ambition to excel and do more for art than had over been done before.

He was active in public affairs of Proctor. For twenty five years he was a member of the School Board and Prudential Committee of the place. In 1890 he assisted in organizing the Proctor Union Church of which he was deacon for thirty two years, Superintendent of the Sunday school and prominent in all the work of the Church. He represented the town of Proctor in the State Legislature and was Moderator of the Town Meeting for twenty years. Director of the Proctor Trust Company and West Rutland Trust Company. Actively associated with the Proctor Library. Director of the Proctor Hospital. He was esteemed and loved by all the people; always very kind and considerate of the men he employed; helpful to the young in Education and a good citizen in all his relations to the State. Wilbor Enoch Higbee married, 1890 Ellen Cecilia Creer, who was born at Hibernia, N. J., Oct. 10, 1870. Graduate of Middlebury High School, Vermont. She died March 7, 1908. Daughter of Robert and Eleanor Craine, born on the Isle of Man, and married there April, 1800.

	1.	Paul Wilbor,	b. June 7, 1692

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