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More information concerning the 18th Georgia Infantry can be found in the following publications:

Bailey, Anne J. & Fraser, Walter J., Jr. Portraits of Conflict University of Arkansas Press. Fayetteville,             1996

            Photographs and information concerning Georgia troops in the Civil War.

Fletcher, William A. & Wheeler, Richard. Rebel Private, Front and Rear: Memoirs of a Confederate             Soldier. E. F. Dutton. 1995.

Folsom, James M. Heroes and Martyrs of Georgia Butternut and Blue. Baltimore, 1995.

            Reprint of a history of 18 Georgia units written in 1864.

Ford, Robert. Dr. John Perley Ford (1794 - 1869) Gateway Press. Baltimore, 1994.

            Family genealogy containing a great deal of information about the 18th Georgia.

Heller, J. Roderick III & Heller, Carolyn Ayres. The Confederacy Is on Her Way Up the Spout:             Letters to South Carolina, 1861 - 1864.

Polley, Joseph Benjamin. Hood's Texas Brigade: Its Marches, Its Battles, Its Achievements.             Morningside Bookshop. 1988.

Simpson, Harold B. Hood's Texas Brigade: Lee's Grenadier Guard. Old Soldier Books. 1995.

Simpson, Harold B. Hood's Texas Brigade: A Compendium. 1977.

Smith, Gerald J. One of The Most Daring of Men. Southern Heritage Press. Murfreesboro, 1997.

            Biography of Confederate General William Tatum Wofford.

West, John C. Texan in Search of a Fight: Being the Diary and Letters of a Private Soldier in             Hood's Texas Brigade. Stan Clark Military Books. 1996.

This list is by no means complete. I will be adding to it as I run across other sources. If you know of any I've missed, please e-mail me so I might add them to the list.

I recently acquired several unopened sets of the Time-Life series ECHOES OF GLORY. This three volume set is sealed and in a slip case. The volumes include: Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy (312 pages), Arms and Equipment of the Union (319 pages), and Illustrated Atlas of the Civil War (320 pages). Each hardback book is 9 1/4 inches by 11 inches with brown simulated leather back and sides.

The Arms and Equipment books are divided into six sections, entitled: Small Arms, Uniforms, Equipment, Music, Flags and Artillery. Each section is very comprehensive, in full color richly illustrated with photos, drawings and diagrams which add to the text. The books provide a definitive account of the arms and equipment of the Union and Confederate soldiers, with many illustrations depicting soldiers of the time , their arms, uniforms and other items. There are many photographs of regimental flags included. The photo of the 18th Georgia's Cotton Issue, shown in the FLAGS section of this website, was taken from the Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy volume. The photos of uniforms and other items are very helpful to reenactment groups in making their uniforms as accurate as possible.

The Illustrated Atlas is divided into four sections entitled: The Eastern Theater, Western Theater, Coastal War and Far West. Each section describes the different campaigns and features color maps of major battles as they unfolded. Related paintings, engravings and period photographs enhance the text.

While these last, I can make them available to anyone interested for $45.00. The suggested retail price is $89.95. My price includes shipping, and I will ship internationally. If you'd like a set, please e-mail me.

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