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Karl Meier was born in 1781 in Franzdorf, Pomerania and died October 07, 1859 in Valerianufka, Volhynia. One of his children was:
  1. August Meier was born about 1814 in Poland and died May 10, 1880 in Antonowka, Volhynia.

August Meier was born about 1814 in Poland and died May 10, 1880 in Antonowka, Volhynia. Surname also recorded as Mayer. In about 1835 he married Caroline Kuehn who was born about 1815. Their children were (surnames shown as recorded on birth records where available):

  1. Juliane Meier
  2. Daniel Meier born about 1835
  3. Johann Meier born about 1840 and died about 1881
  4. August Meyer born about 1843
  5. Caroline Meger born about 1845
  6. Julius Meyer born about 1845
  7. Gottfried Meger born about 1850
  8. Heinrich Meger born about 1850

Johann 'John' Meger was bron about 1840 and died about 1881. John was about 50 when he passed away, shortly after the birth of his youngest son. He married Rosalie Schmidtke, daughter of Jakob Schmidtke, in 1896. Rosalie was married to Johann Meger, who was younger than her. They lived in Poland first and later moved to Vladimer, Volhynia, Russia. John passed away around age 50, shortly after his youngest son was born. Rosalie did not remarry. After WWI she returned to Antanufka, Vladimer from Germany. She like all others had fled a few years earlier. It was necessary for her and her son Emil, to live with Gottfried and Ida Schmidtke for about a year and a half in 1921 and 1922. She spoke mostly in the 'Platt' dialect and taught Herman Schmidtke (then about 4 years old) to speak it. Rosalie remained in Russia, which had become Poland after the war, along with her two eldest sons. Five sons and one daughter with their families migrated to North America, the land of opportunity. Rosalie was known as the 'Mother of all the Megers', and almost became a centenarian, living to the grand old age of ninety nine and one half years. Name recorded as Rosine Schmiedtke on her son, Gottfried's, birth certificate.

  1. Christof Meger was born about 1862. He also remained in the old country because some of his family was grown and married.
  2. Caroline Meger was born April 5, 1867 and died March 12, 1951. She came to Canada with her family in 1910 from Centanufka, Germany. Caroline had fifteen children, nine boys and six girls lived to adulthood. They settled in Jansen, Saskatchewan, then moved to Benton Harbour, Michigan for several years before returning to Saskatchewan. She married August Kurbis.
  3. Gottlieb Meger was born July 28, 1869 and died April 6, 1941. He was married first Emelie Dahlke and second Christina Wildeman. This family moved to Minnesota from where they first settled in Manitoba.
  4. Gottfried Meger was born September 27, 1870 in Lublin, Poland and died May 26, 1948 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Gottfried was baptised on October 3, 1870 in Lublin, Poland. He married Pauline Fandrich on January 1, 1901 in Polish Russia.
  5. John Meger (2) was born June 12, 1872 in Vladymir, Volhynia, Russia and died in May of 1943. He married Augusta Kurbis.
  6. Ferdinand Meger was born March 15, 1874 in Lubatow, Poland and died April 12, 1949 in Biggar, Saskatchewan. This family migrated to Cass Lake, Minnesota in 1905 and later settled in Biggar, Saskatchewan. He married Wilhelmina Reichweld who was called 'Auntie Meger' by all and lived to be 110 years old.
  7. Christine Majer was born August 1878 in Aernuwka, Lublin, Poland and died August 18, 1879 in Ochnuwka, Volhynia.
  8. Emil Meger was born July 2, 1880 in Antoniowka, Volhynia and died about 1915 in Russian Poland. He was taken from his home during the war and shot because he was able to read and write. Although it is said that he was retarded, from descriptions, it sounds more likely that he had a behavioural problem. He was not allowed to come to Canada because of this affliction so his mother remained with him in Poland. Emil never married.
  9. Daniel Meger (1) was born January 31, 1881 and died March 8, 1977 in Chilliwack, British Columbia. He married Eva Hein in 1903.
(1) Daniel Meger was born January 31, 1881 and died March 8, 1977 in British Columbia. Obituary - Daniel was hospitalized for a brief time and spent the last two years of his life in the Extended Care Unit of the hospital. At the time of his death he was survived by four sons: Bill of Biggar, Saskatchewan; Rudolf of Camrose, Alberta; Emmanuel of Biggar, Saskatchewan; Fred of Ponoka, Alberta; and six daughters: Emily Kurbis of Biggar, Saskatchewan; Tillie Kisser of Kelowna, BC; Wanda Meger of Agassiz, BC; Lillie Hirschfeld of Chilliwack, BC and Edith Meissner of Vancouver, BC; thirty six grandchildren and 48 great grandchildren. Pallbearers were: Gordon Meger, Ken Meger, Dennis Meger, Arnold Hirschfeld, Edward Kurbis, Marvin Meissner. Officiating Minister: Pastor A. Eppler.  He married first Eva Hein in 1903. Eva was born March 12, 1882 in Federpol, Volhynia and died June 4, 1944 in Salter, Saskatchewan. St. Petersburg Lutheran records indicate birth date as March 10, 1882. She is buried at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery near Biggar, Saskatchewan. The children of Daniel Meger and Eva Hein were:
  1. Rudolph 'Roy' Meger was born April 3, 1904 in Vladymir, Volhynia, Russia. He married Martha Meger.
  2. Elsie Meger was born February 18, 1906 in Vladymir, Volhynia, Russia and died February 23, 1995 in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Burial in the Valley View Cemetery, Agassiz, B.C. She married William Isaac Striker.
  3. Emily Meger was born October 30, 1907 in Vladymir, Volhynia, Russia and died February 17, 1998 in Biggar, Saskatchewan. Burial in the Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Biggar, Saskatchewan. She married Adolph Kurbis in July of 1934. He was the son of August Kurbis and Caroline Meger. He was born March 25, 1896 and died March 24, 1975 in Biggar, Saskatchewan.
  4. Emmanuel Meger was born August 12, 1910 and died April 7, 1999 in Biggar, Saskatchewan. Burial in the Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Biggar, Saskatchewan. He married Clara Wanda Striker.
  5. Gottfried Meger was born June 12, 1913 in Biggar, Saskatchewan and died July 27, 1996 in Edmonton, Alberta. Burial in the Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Biggar, Saskatchewan. He married first Lydia Kurbis on April 9, 1955; second Martha Woydock on February 8, 1964; and third Hattie Pohl in 1982. He is buried next to his first wife near Biggar, Saskatchewan.
  6. William Meger was born February 29, 1916. He married Kathleen Liddle.
  7. Wanda Meger was born March 31, 1917 and died January 23, 2001 in Chilliwack, B.C. She married Edward Meger, the son of John Meger and Augusta Kurbis.
  8. Gustav Meger was born December 31, 1918 and died in 1919 at Biggar, Saskatchewan. Burial at Emmanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery, Biggar, Saskatchewan.
  9. Edith Meger married Gerhardt Meissner.
  10. Baby Meger was born and died in 1922.
  11. Lilly Meger married Ed Hirschfeld.
  12. Tillie Meger married Alec Kisser.
(2) John Meger was born June 12, 1872 in Vladimer, Volhynia, Russia and died in May of 1943 in Vernon, British Columbia. In 1903 he and his family settled in Steinbach, Manitoba and in 1907 moved to Jansen, Saskatchewan. Finally in 1916 they settled in the Twin Hill District of Saskatchewan near Biggar. John is buried in the Vernon City Cemetery, Vernon, B.C..  He married Augusta Kurbis in 1896. Augusta was born on December 11, 1874 in Poland and died October 6, 1961 in Vernon, British Columbia. She is buried in the Vernon City Cemetery, Vernon, B.C. Augusta left Poland with the children when John sent her word to follow him to Canada. Apparently there was a problem with being allowed to leave and so she had to sneak out with the family in the middle of the night. She wrapped as many valuable belongings as she could carry in a tick mattress and while crossing a stream the mattress got wet and fell apart. She no longer had any way to carry her belongings. A family that was helping them took her belongings to their home. Several months after her arrival in Canada Augusta received a parcel. In the parcel were the belonging she had left behind, one of these items was her spinning wheel. Obituary - One of the founding members of Peace Lutheran Church, Mrs. Augusta Meger, died in Jubilee Hospital on October 6. She was in her 87th year. Born in Poland, where she married John Meger in 1896, Mrs. Meger came to Canada with her husband in the autumn of 1903. They settled first at Steinbach, Manitobe, lager moving to Jansen, Saskatchewan. In 1915 they took up residence in Biggar, Sask., remaining there until they came to Vernon in 1936. The following year, Mrs. Meger helped to found Peace Lutheran Church and went on to hold active membership in the Ladies' Organization. In 1956 she received the first life membership pin of the Women's Missionery Society, being the eldest member in the organization. She was active in the group right to the end. Mrs. Meger was well-loved by all who came in contact with her. Mrs. Meger was predeceased by her husband in May, 1943. Five of their 16 children died in infancy. Surviving are five sons, August of Cando, Sask., Emil, Adolph and Bill, all of Vernon, and Edward of Agassiz; six daughters, Mrs. Olga Birnu, South Burnaby, Mrs. Pauline Beckman, Revelstoke, Mrs. Martha Meger, Heinsburg, Alta., Mrs Helen Matner, Mrs Della Kallweit and Mrs. Alma Weidman, all of Vernon; also 31 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren. The funeral service was held at 2 p.m. today from Peace Lutheran Church, Rev. E.F. Krause officiating. Interment was in the family plot of Vernon Cemetery. The Campbell and Winter Funeral Chapel was in charge of arrangements. Their children:
  1. August John Meger was born April 4, 1899 in Russia and died November 12, 1981 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. Burial at North Battleford City Cemetery, Protestant Extension.  He married Helen Strausser.
  2. Emil Meger was born July 8, 1900 and died in June 16, 1984 in Vernon, B.C. He remained single. Burial at Vernon City Cemetery, Vernon, B.C.
  3. Adolf Meger was born April 26, 1902 and died July 8, 1968. He married Emily Kurbis.
  4. Olga Meger  was born on July 13, 1906 in Friedensfeld, Manitoba and died on May 13, 1997 in Vernon, B.C. Burial in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Vernon, B.C. She married Emil Bitner.
  5. Helene Meger was born on November 8, 1907 in Jansen, Saskatchewan and died on March 25, 2000 in Vernon, B.C. Burial in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Vernon, B.C. She married Adolf Matner.
  6. Edward Meger was born April 13, 1910 in Jansen, Saskatchewan and died December 25, 1992 in Chilliwack, British Columbia. He married Wanda Meger.
  7. Pauline Meger was born August 23, 1913 in Esk, Saskatchewan and died July 22, 1982 in Vernon, B.C. Burial in the Vernon City Cemetery, Vernon, B.C. She married Rudolph Beckman.
  8. Adela "Della" Meger was born December 14, 1914 in Esk, Saskatchewan and died November 21, 1999 in Vernon, B.C. Cremation. She married August Kallweit.
  9. Martha Meger was born May 26, 1916 in Cando, Saskatchewan. She married Rudolph "Roy" Meger.
  10. William Meger was born April 9, 1918 in Biggar, Saskatchewan and died October 23, 1988 in Vernon, B.C. Burial in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Vernon, B.C. He married Katherine Eberwein.
  11. Alma Meger married Edward Weidman.

Rudolph 'Roy' Meger, son of (1)Daniel Meger and Eva Hein, married Martha Meger, daughter of (2)John Meger and Augusta Kurbis. Roy and Martha were married November 16, 1934 in Salter, Saskatchewan and recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.  Their children are:
  1. Norma Pauline Meger married Edward Frances Drolet.
  2. Dorothy Eleanor Meger
  3. Lloyd John Meger married Margaret Benbow.
  4. Edwin Rudolph Meger married Irene Pauline 'Peggy' Brycks.
  5. Gary Allan Meger married Debra 'Debbie' Roth.

Dorothy Eleanor Meger married first Charles McMinis and second Einar Stokke. The children of Dorothy Meger and Charles McMinis are:

  1. Darlene McMann married Ralph Curtis Homme
  2. Roy Charles McMann
  3. Wade George McMann
  4. Lee Darcy McMann
  5. Dale Emery McMann

This ends the Meger family line as it is directly connected to the lines I am researching.
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