The administrator of this site, Al Henderson, will be "offline" for all of 2004 and, quite possibly, 2005. What this means to you is that there will not likely be any updates posted online during this time nor will I be reachable via e-mail. 
     I will, nonetheless, continue to do research and am always open to being contacted by other researchers. You can write to me at:
Al Henderson
1883 West Fraser Rd.
Quesnel, British Columbia     V2J 6J6


Listed below are the surnames I am researching, along with a brief explanation of geographic area and timeframe that I'm looking at. This will help you, for now, to figure out whether we might be looking at/for the same family ... if so, do, please, e-mail me.

As time allows, I will be posting descendancy charts for each of the family lines that I'm working on. These will begin with the oldest (direct-line) ancestor that I know about and come forward to the point at which I lose the connection to that family (even if I have data, here, on other members). I will not be posting information on living persons!

   Just look for this logo in front of the surname (yeah, I know it's kinda cheesy ... but it's my first attempt at making one! *grin* It's supposed to be a tree.) That l'il logo means that I have posted the descendancy chart for that family. Just click on the logo and away you go-go!

Please bear in mind that these charts will represent the Truth as I understand it (*grin*) In other words ... don't merely say, "Wow! Look at all this data - just what I need!", and do a 'copy-and-paste' into your own records. You are free to copy these charts to use as guidelines ... but, please, do not simply assume that the info' which I or anyone else posts on the Web is, necessarily, correct (... even though - LORD! - I sure do hope it is). It would, of course, still be a good idea to drop me a line and tell me of your interests. This way, I can put you into my files and keep you posted on any up-dates to my data. At the very least, you should contact me for sources.
     When you read, on one of the charts, that a couple had "x" number of children, this refers only to the number that I am aware of ... if you know of more, I would love to hear about them!
     One more thing ... if the small print that I have used on the descendancy charts is too small for you, simply "copy & paste" the chart into your word processor and, then, enlarge the font (type). If you are unsure of how to do this, e-mail me and I will explain it in more detail for you!

These are the surnames I'm researching :
  • AIRHART - Germany (to USA?), pre-1800
  • BARRE - NY, USA, pre-1800
  • BOOKER - Surrey & Middlesex, England, pre-1850
  • BRUCE - Scotland, pre-1800
  • COUSINS - Surrey, Middlesex & Berkshire, pre-1900
  • DYNES - Ireland>Ontario, Canada, pre-1900 [ please note: this link will actually take you to a separate web site, The DYNES Project, dedicated to all occurances of the DYNES name (including DINES, DYNE, DINE, etc.). You will find my own chart within the pages of that site. ]   ... updated 7 September 2003
  • FORRESTER - Scotland>Quebec (Canada East), pre-1860
  • GORING - Surrey, England, pre-1850
  • HENDERSON - Scotland>Quebec>Ontario, pre-1900
  • McGAW - Ireland (?)>Ontario, pre-1850
  • McGRATH - Ireland (?), Edinburgh & England, 1800-1880
  • McLEAN - Ontario, pre-1880
  • McLEOD - Scotland>Durham, England, 1800-1900
  • MILLER - Germany>USA>Ontario, Canada
  • PARSONS - Buckinghamshire & Bershire, 1800-1900
  • ROGERS - Cornwall, England>Ontario, pre-1900
  • SEALEY - NY, USA (to Ontario?), pre-1850
  • SECORD - Ontario, pre-1900
  • SILVERNAIL - NY, USA, pre-1850
  • SMITH - Ontario, pre-1900
  • SPOKES - Berkshire, England, 1800-1900
  • STACEY - Cornwall, England>Ontario, pre-1880
  • STENABAUGH - NJ, USA>Ontario, pre-1850
  • VANSICKLE - NJ (?), USA>Ontario, pre-1940
  • WATSON - Ontario, pre-1900
  • WATSON - Durham, England, 1800-1900

  • WEAVER / WEBER - Germany>NY, USA>Ontario, 1700-present

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