Thomas Fields (c.1636-1679) was probably the Englishman of that name transported to Virginia by Maj. Abraham Wood of Charles City County in 1653. By 1662 he was granted 400 acres along the James River and established a plantation he called "Cham". This is at the fall line of the river, now in downtown Richmond. His wife's name is not mentioned in any of his records or a will, but because of subsequent court proceeedings for their children, she is identified her as Mary Burton, the daughter of John Burton and his wife Rachel Hutchins. Mary appears first as the widow of John Davis, her second husband, who had been the guardian of Thomas Field's orphans in 1684. The next year Mary married William Glover who, by 1691 "secretly left the country owing many debts " . A torn record of 1693 shows " ...[Ran]dolph and Capt. Francis Eps " stepped in to protect the claims of the orphans. These were now only a daughter, Mary Fields, and her sister.

            Mary Fields married Edward Jones, a man of her father's age.  Edward was Constable for a precinct north of the James for the year 1690 and owned 533 acres of land adjoining her father's property. By 1692 this land was mortgaged and they were living on her late father's property. Part of this land was also mortgaged in 1692. Edward Jones died before 1695. From this marriage there were two daughters:

Tabitha Jones, who married John Robinson.
Their daughter was Susannah Robinson

Elizabeth Jones, who married John Turbefield

Mary Fields Jones then married Charles Scruggs, born before 1666, who was transported to Virginia before 1679 by Henry Wyatt of New Kent County. He was a widower with a daughter, Mary Scruggs, who married John Pyrant and was mentioned in her grandfather's will, being left a " heifer and a cow ". Charles Scruggs  and Mary Fields Jones married between April 1697 and February 1, 1698\99. From this marriage there was a daughter:

Judith Scruggs, born about 1700, who married William Bradshaw
When Charles wrote his will in 1718, she was left "all my worldly goods ".  William, his son-in-law, was his executor.
A son of Judith and William was also named William Bradshaw

Susannah Robinson and William Bradshaw  married. They were cousins (possibly "half-cousins") and grandchildren of Mary Fields Jones Scruggs.