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The Griffith families

On these pages you will find my Griffith lineage.  

There are several theories concerning this family.  

  • New information uncovered by Harriet Herrington in the Providence MM records.  Go to the York Co. family page of William III & Sarah Cook.


  • First report, starts with William GRIFFITH from Wales in America by 1690 through the port of NY.  He and his five brother's came to America together and then each went their own way.

William went to New Castle Delaware. 

His story starts in the York County Pennsylvania Records below:

  • 2nd report comes from a letter contained in the Gilbert COPE collection which stated that three brothers, John, William & Griffith GRIFFITH, came in 1682. They set sail in September 1, 1682.  They shipped at Deal, a seaport town out side the Straits of Dover on the coast of the county of Kent.  Gilbert Cope collection also shows: William Griffith (d.London England) his three sons : William (d. age 105 at Warrington), John, Griffith emigrated in 1682. They all left descendants. They don't appear to be Quakers. Not all of Penns colonists were Friends. William (d. age 105) had three children: William (our ancestor), Sarah md. a Mr Clark, Deborah md. Benjamin Delaplane. [inf. provided by Clint Wagner.


  • 3rd report comes from my cousin, Verna.  She has in her possession a journal that has been handed down in the family.  She reports of a letter  to David Griffith by James Griffith written in the 1877. James tells virtually the same story as the 1892 account that is in the files of the York Co. Library in Pennsylvania.  In Verna's journal a part was added later about our ancestry and the fact that the brothers names were, Orlando, William & Howard. 


  • This family is written up in the "Beers records" and also in the Warrington Quaker Records as well as some information in the History of Washington County PA book.  There appears to be some errors in this work.


  • Prowells Book on York Co. PA.  He also has bits and pieces of the story of William.  There seems to be some error in this report.


  • The York Co. Historical Society has a document written in about 1892 in the GRIFFITH family file that states a lot of the same information contained in the COPE information.  This is now online for your review.


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