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SARGEANT. Genealogy of the Sargeant family: the desc. of Wm. of Malden,Mass., by A. Sargent. 108p. 1858. $19.00

SARGENT Record. William Sargent of New Eng., with his desc. & theirintermarriages, & other Sargent branches, by E.E. Sargent. 331p. 1899.$49.50

SARGENT. Hugh Sargent of Courteenhall, Northants., & desc. in Eng.; Wm. Sargent of Malden, New Eng., & desc. in Amer., by J. Sargent. 218p. 1895. $33.00

SARGENT. Supplement to the 1895 Sargent genealogy, by Edw. R. Sargent. 16p.1925. $5.00

SARGENT. Early Sargents of New Eng., by W. Sargent. 53p. 1922. $10.00


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