Jed Lake Military Papers (Summary)
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Jed Lake enlisted as a 1st Lieutenant in the 27th Iowa Infantry on August 11, 1862 for a period of three years. Lake was an Attorney at the time of his enlistment in Courtland County, New York. Lake was thirty-two years old at the time of his appointment and he would subsequently be commissioned Lieutenant Colonel on September 4, 1862. During his tenure with the 27th Iowa Infantry, Lieutenant Colonel Lake would serve as the President of a Military Commission in Memphis, Tennessee and further recruit soldiers for the Union Army. Lieutenant Colonel Lake would be tried by Court Martial with his sentence being reduced to a severe reprimand. The 27th Iowa Infantry were to engage CSA Troops at the following locations: 1) Meridian Campaign: 2) Battle of Pleasant Hill; 3) Action at Lake Chicot, Arkansas; 4) Battle of Nashville, Tennessee; and 5: The siege of Fort Blakley and Spanish Fort.

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