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If you think your ancestor might have served in the 27th but do not know which company, first click on the Alphabetical link, which is an alphabetical listing of the name and Co. only.

If you know which company your ancestor was with, click on the corresponding Company link to see the rosters for that company.

I have used the rosters as an index. If the solider is mentioned elsewhere on the site, I have created a link to that information.

I have placed links at the top of each roster that are specific to that particular company. Each Company roster has a link to the "Record of Events" for that company. The Record of Events is basically a timeline for that company.

The rosters were originally taken from Iowa Roster and Records of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion. 1908-11. Volume 3-4. Brookhaven Press La Crosse, WI.

I then added two more sources, and decided that the best way to do it was add the information directly to the rosters.

Note: The original rosters showed simply that the soldier was wounded, or died from disease. The Report of the Adjutant General was more specific in a lot of cases, showing the actual injury or cause of the soldier's death. However, in some cases, it also simply said wounded or died from disease. I only typed the entries that added information to what I already had. If there was a discrepancy in the soldier's name or the date of the event, I made the discrepancy bold.

I am working on a soldier by soldier research project. If I have completed research for the solider, you will see a link called "Company A (B, C, D) Notes " after the soldier's name on the roster. Please note that everything has not been verified. I have only gathered information that I found on the internet, and there definitely could be errors. I have tried to point out discrepancies as I find them. But all information in the Company Notes section should be validated with further research. Corrections and additions are welcome.