Roll of Honor
27th Iowa Top Banner

Roll of Honor

(No. XXI)

Names of Soldiers

Who Died in

Defense of the American Union

Interred in the

National Cemeteries


Memphis, Tennessee and Chalmette,

(Near New Orleans,) Louisiana

"Ah, never shall the land forget
How gushed the life-blood of her brave--
Gushed warm with hope and courage yet,
Upon the soil they fought to save!"

Washington, D. C., June 11, 1869.

The following Roll of Honor, prepared in this office by Brevet Brigadier General Alex. J. Perry, quartermaster United States Army, containing the record of 23,016 deceased Union soldiers interred in the national cemeteries at Memphis, Tennessee, and Chalmette, (near New Orleans,) Louisiana, is published by authority of the Secretary of War for the information of their surviving friends and comrades.

Quartermaster General
Brevet Major General U.S. Army


This cemetery is located on the Memphis and Ohio railroad at its intersection with the Memphis and Raleigh plank-road, six miles from the city of Memphis, Tennessee.

It contains 38 acres, and is inclosed by a wood picket fence. The arrangement of burials of known dead is by States, the dead of the United States army and navy occupying sections by themselves.

The grounds are neatly laid out with graveled walks and drives. A portion of the cemetery is shaded by forest trees, a large number of which have been left standing; and throughout the cleared portion, and along the borders of the drives, young trees have been extensively planted.

The site for this cemetery was selected by a board of officers consisting of Chaplain Wm. E. Earnshaw, Brevet Lieutenant Col. A. W. Wills, assistant quartermaster, and Brevet Major G. W. Marshall, assistant quartermaster.

In the center of the monumental site a heavy gunboat mortar has been mounted, and four large-siege guns, mounted upon stone pedestals, have been set as monuments in different portions of the cemetery. A fine flag-staff with shrouds and top-mast has been erected at a conspicuous point near the entrance. A comfortable lodge for the accommodation of the keeper stands near the main gate.

The designation of "Mississippi River National Cemetery" has been applied to this cemetery, in recognition of the fact that by far the largest portion of the burials are of those originally interred at various points on the banks of the Mississippi River from Hickman, Kentucky, to Helena, Arkansas, including New Madrid, Island No. 10 and Fort Pillow.

The whole number interred, as will be seen from the recapitulation, is 13, 962, of which 9,754 are white and 4,208 colored. Thirty-two States and organizations are represented, and 537 regiments.

The victims of the Fort Pillow massacre, and those who subsequently died in the occupancy of that fort, have all been removed to this cemetery and buried by themselves in what is called the Fort Pillow section. The total number so removed is 248. Of the 34 known names in this list only three are names of victims of the massacre, and all efforts to obtain a list of the names of others have been thus far unsuccessful.

The post office address of the superintendent of this cemetery is Memphis, Tennessee.

27th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry
Roll of Honor
Mississippi River National Cemetery,
Memphis, Tennessee

This cemetery is now known as Memphis National Cemetery.

No. Name Rank Co. Died Sect. No. of
Original Place
of Interment
1890 Allen, Jacob C. Pvt. D * June 9, 1864 2 439 Memphis, Tenn.
1915 Baldwin, James Pvt. E June 28, 1864 6 2034 Memphis, Tenn.
1930 Beall, James Pvt. I Feb. 19, 1864 2 81 Memphis, Tenn.
1935 Beck, George Pvt. D Feb. 8, 1863 1 113 Memphis, Tenn.
1939 Bement, Sylvester Pvt. G June 9, 1864 1 262 Memphis, Tenn.
2007 Churchill, John Pvt. B June 25, 1864 * 2 373 Memphis, Tenn.
2019 Cole, Charles Pvt. A July 26, 1864 2 353 Memphis, Tenn.
2028 Cooksey, Alexander F. Pvt. A July 9, 1864 2 338 Memphis, Tenn.
2055 Davidson, Ole Pvt. K June 21, 1864 2 428 Memphis, Tenn.
2092 Ellsworth, Job Pvt. B July 27, 1864 2 416 Memphis, Tenn.
2135 Goslin, John L. Pvt. E June 21, 1864 2 414 Memphis, Tenn.
2150 Hale, Francis B. Pvt. B July 3, 1864 2 383 Memphis, Tenn.
2164 Hardy, Lewis S. Pvt. K Mar. 8, 1864 1 234 Memphis, Tenn.
2234 Jewett, David N. Pvt. C July 2, 1863 1 72 Near Moscow, Tenn.
2243 Jones, William D. Pvt. F June 29, 1864 2 337 Memphis, Tenn.
2254 King, Willard H. Pvt. C July 5, 1864 2 334 Memphis, Tenn.
2276 Lineger, Frederick * Pvt. E July 5, 1864 2 403 Memphis, Tenn.
2295 McClaskey, James W. Pvt. A July 25, 1865 2 329 Memphis, Tenn.
2322 Marsh, Edwin L. Pvt. C May 10, 1864 1 268 Memphis, Tenn.
2345 Miller, Milton D. Pvt. A May 27, 1864 1 209 Memphis, Tenn.
2346 Milligan, William Pvt. C June 29, 1964 2 333 Memphis, Tenn.
496 Moody, S. W. Cpl. I Dec. 1, 1862 ? ? Elmwood Cem, Memp.
2372 Nielson, Jacob Pvt. B June 26, 1864 * 2 418 Memphis, Tenn.
2380 Olar, John Pvt. H May 12, 1864 1 297 Memphis, Tenn.
2385 Osborn, James Pvt. A Aug. 4, 1864 2 422 Memphis, Tenn.
2397 Patterson, Junius C. Pvt. A Oct. 24, 1863 1 192 Memphis, Tenn.
2410 Perry, Elijah Pvt. A April 5, 1864 1 69 Memphis, Tenn.
497 Pinkerton, James ? I Nov. 30, 1862* ? ? Elmwood Cem. Memp.
2470 Roving or Remig, Henry H. * Pvt. C May 23, 1864 * 1 284 Memphis, Tenn.
2510 Sodestrom, Andrew Cpl. B Aug. 10, 1865 1 48 Memphis, Tenn.
2518 Stanley, James Pvt. I Nov. 7. 1863 2 359 Memphis, Tenn.
2548 Thompson, Francis O. Pvt. F June 23, 1864 2 447 Memphis, Tenn.
519 Wise, Samuel Pvt. G Jan. 8, 1863 * ? ? Elmwood Cmt., Memp.

* Indicates a discrepancy between the Roll of Honor and The Iowa Roster and Records of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion. I recognize the difference, but have no way of knowing which (if either) is correct.

The following was not found in the Roll of Honor. However, he was listed in the Iowa Roster and Records of Iowa Solders in the War of the Rebellion as buried in the Mississippi River National Cemetery, Memphis, Tenn.

No. Name Rank. Co. Died Sect. No. of
Original Place
of Interment.
Bouck, Warren . C Mar. 16, 1864 1 159 Unknown.