Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery
27th Iowa Top Banner

Roll of Honor

(No. X)

Names of Soldiers

Who Died in

Defense of the American Union

Interred in

Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Maryland,

Missouri, North Carolina, Arkansas, Kansas,

and Dakota Territory

"You faithful herald's blazon'd stone
With mournful pride shall tell,
When many a vanished age hath flown,
The story how ye fell;
Nor wreck, nor change, nor Winter's blight,
Nor Time's remorseless doom
Shall mar one ray of Glory's light
That gilds your deathless tomb."

Quartermaster General's Office
Washington, D. C., Dec. 3, 1866

The following report of Brevet Lieutenant Colonel James M. Moor, Assistant Quartermaster U.S. Army, with reference to United States soldiers interred in cemeteries of the States of Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Arkansas, Kansas, and Dakota Territory, is published by authority of the Secretary of War, for the information of their surviving comrades and friends.

M.C. Meigs,
Quartermaster General, Brevet Major General U.S. A.


This Cemetery is situated on the Jefferson Barracks Reservation, ten miles south of St. Louis, Mo., and 704 feet west of the Mississippi River, and contains 20 1/2 acres of land, which is high and rolling, presenting a very beautiful appearance, and is in every respect admirably adapted to the purposes of a National Cemetery.

It is laid out in sections, intersected by walks and avenues, and is inclosed with a substantial picket fence.

The remains of the deceased Union soldiers interred here were principally from Macon City, Patterson and vicinity, Greenville, Bloomfield, Huntsville, Jefferson City, Mo., and from the Wesleyan and Christ Church Cemeteries, St. Louis, most of whom died in hospitals at St. Louis Mo.

Head-boards, properly inscribed are being erected and other improvements made to render this Cemetery still more attractive.

There are interred in this Cemetery the remains of 10,217 deceased Union soldiers, of which about 7,000 are known and the balance unknown. This Roll of Honor, however, contains the names of only 6,134 that have been identified, and the location of 2,402 unknown that have not been identified, making a total of 8,536. The others will be published in subsequent volumes of Roll of Honor.

27th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry
Roll of Honor
National Cemetery, Jefferson Barracks,
St. Louis, Missouri

No. Name Rank Co. Date of Death
124 Barr, Charles Pvt. F Oct. 10, 1863 *
230 Bowler, S. W. * Sergeant H Sept. 25, 1864
1494 Mahoney, Geo. W. Pvt. G Sept. 19, 1864 *
2010 Rinehart, Preston A. * Pvt. C June 23, 1864
2117 Sell, Christopher * Pvt. B Nov. 16, 1864
2161 Shoemaker, Michael Pvt. K Aug. 27, 1864
2285 Stevens, Durand D. * Pvt. F June 16, 1863
2358 Tannehill, Alpheus Pvt. I Jan. 10, 1865

* Indicates a discrepancy between the Roll of Honor and The Iowa Roster and Records of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion. I recognize the difference, but have no way of knowing which (if either) is correct.

The following was not found in the Roll of Honor. However, he was listed in the Iowa Roster and Records of Iowa Solders in the War of the Rebellion as buried in the National Cemetery, Jefferson Barracks, Missouri

No. Name Rank Co. Date of Death
? Treat, Lewis J. Fourth Sgt. G Sept. 27, 1864