Corinth Roll of Honor
27th Iowa Top Banner

Roll of Honor

(No. XX)

Names of Soldiers

Who Died in

Defense of the American Union

Interred in the

National Cemeteries


Corinth, Mississippi, Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee and

Jefferson Barracks, Missouri.

"Such graves as these are hallowed shrines
Shrines to no code or creed confined--
The Delphian vales, the Palestines,
The Meccas of the mind."

Washington, D. C., March 3, 1869.

The following list of names of nineteen thousand four hundred and seventeen deceased Union soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the government and whose bodies are interred in the national cemeteries at Corinth, Mississippi, Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee, and Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, has been prepared in this office under the direction of Brevet Brigadier General Alexander J. Perry, Quartermaster, United States Army, and is published by authority of the Secretary of War, for the information of surviving comrades and friends.

Quartermaster General United States Army.


This Cemetery is situated about three-fourths of a mile southeast from the railroad depot at Corinth, Mississippi, and near the crossing of the Memphis and Charleston and the Mobile and Ohio railroads.

It covers an area of 20 acres, and is enclosed by a substantial wooden picket fence, and is laid off in sections intersected by well-graveled walks and avenues.

The main avenues have been ornamented by excellent shade trees and evergreens and a number of trees have been set out, at uniform distances, around the entire grounds near the fence.

The Cemetery is located on a commanding eminence, and a flag-staff has been erected on the summit of the hill, from which floats the national ensign.

A lodge for the accommodation of the keeper has been constructed near the main entrance, and a well, furnishing a good and permanent supply of water, has been sunk within the enclosure, and is protected by a neat and tasteful structure.

The original head-boards have all been preserved, and are numbered and arranged for the convenient reference of friends.

The whole number of interments made in this Cemetery is 5,688, (of which 1,793 are known and 3,895 are unknown) representing 273 regiments from 15 different States.

These dead were gathered from some 15 or 20 battle-fields or skirmish grounds--from Corinth, Iuka, Holly Springs, Guntown and Farmington, Mississippi, and from Hatchie River, Parker's Cross-roads, Middlebury, and Britton's Lane, Tennessee, and from various scattered camps and hospitals in Tennessee and Mississippi.

27th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry
Roll of Honor
Corinth National Cemetery, Mississippi

No. Name Rank Co. Date of Death Section No. of
Original Place
of Interment
643 Brown, Jarred Cpl I Mar. 15, 1863 B 60 Jackson, Tenn.
672 Eelle, Tiffany * Pvt I Mar. 26, 1863 B 58 Jackson, Tenn.
677 Fitch, John Pvt. D April 10, 1863 B 47 Jackson, Tenn.
699 Haskill, Leonard * Pvt I Jan 12, 1863 B 68 Jackson, Tenn.
1988 Hutson, E. J. ? B April 28, 1863 * E 119 Jackson, Tenn.
720 King, Levi R. Cpl. E April 25, 1863 A 69 Jackson, Tenn.
727 Lewis, Runyen C. Pvt. E Feb. 7, 1863 B 65 Jackson, Tenn.
731 Loring, John M. Pvt. K Feb. 27, 1863 A 70 Jackson, Tenn.
741 McGonigil, Bartimeus Pvt. H Mar. 11, 1863* A 75 Jackson, Tenn.
744 Merrian, William S. Pvt. A July 16, 1864 C 113 Tishomingo, Miss.
751 Moore, Jonathan G. Cpl. I Mar. 16, 1863* B 56 Jackson, Tenn.
766 Peabody, Elias Pvt. I April 2, 1863 B 57 Jackson, Tenn.
769 Powell, Lewis A. Pvt. I Feb. 16, 1863 B 59 Jackson, Tenn.
772 Reed, Charles Pvt. E April 11, 1863 B 48 Jackson, Tenn.
2065 Richardson, C. S. A E 116 Jackson, Tenn.

* Indicates a discrepancy between the Roll of Honor and The Iowa Roster and Records of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion. I recognize the difference, but have no way of knowing which (if either) is correct.