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This section has various histories of the 27th Iowa. I have also included information about the steamboats that the 27th traveled on, some of the prisons that they were in, and information about the 12th Iowa (the recruits that had not served the entire time with the 27th were transferred to the 12th Iowa after the war ended to finish out their time.

27th Iowa Regimental History

27th Iowa Regimental History (#2)

27th Iowa Regimental History (#3)

History of Clayton County

Dyer's Compendium

History of Iowa

Iowa and the Rebellion

History of Company B

Author of History of Company B

History of Buchanan County, Iowa

History of Buchanan County (Company C & H)

History of Buchanan County and It's People

Sketch of Company H

History of Delaware County (Company F)

Company Record of Events

Campaigns and Battles of the Twelfth Iowa
Veteran Volunteer Infantry

Transfers to 12th Iowa

Border Defense of Iowa

Camp Ford Prison


Steamers associated with the 27th Iowa