William S. Rosecrans
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William S. RoscransGen. Rosecrans is one of the heroes of the late war. He was employed as an engineer until 1854, when he resigned. He commanded the army of the Mississippi, and the army of Cumberland in 1862-63; and commanded at Stone river and Chickamauga. Graduating at West Point, he entered the army, but resigned in 1854. He re-entered the service in 1861, and resigned again a major-general in 1867. In 1868 was minister to Mexico; from 1881 to 1885 a member of congress from California. Was appointed register in 1885.

The register of the treasury was established in 1789. It is the duty of the register to keep a strict account of every receipt and disbursement on behalf of the government.

At the outbreak of the war he was appointed brigadier-general, and commanded the union forces in West Virginia. In 1862 he commanded the army of the Mississippi, and gained an important victory at Corinth in October of the same year. In 1863 he defeated Bragg at Stone river; and going in pursuit of him into Georgia, he occupied Chattanooga but was compelled to retire. The general has filled many diplomatic and military appointments, and was American minister to Mexico in 1868.

Source: Prominent Men and Women of the Day
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