Allamakee County 1885 Ex Soldiers
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Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in Iowa in 1885

Allamakee County

Men who served in the War of 1812, Mexican War & in the War of the Rebellion (Civil War) from Iowa units

A list of all persons who served in the United States Army, Navy or Marine Corps during the Years 1812 to 1884 who were living in Iowa in 1885. The Ex-Soldiers served from many states and in the various wars. Information includes the Name, Rank and present post office. The names of men from the 27th Iowa living in towns located in Allamakee Co. have been extracted and appear below:

War of the Rebellion - Iowa Twenty-seventh-Infantry

Name Rank Co Current PO
J.W. Barlow Private I Rossville
Nicholas Betsinger Private B New Albin
C.I. Bishop Corporal A Postville
James Brier Private A Rossville
A.E. Colegrove Sergeant I Ion
A.B. Conner Sergeant F Waukon
W.H. Crouch Private A Waukon
T.W. David Private I Waukon
John Digman Private B Lansing
Adam Fisher Private E Postville
Christian T. Fossum Private I Lansing
C.T. Granger Captain K Waukon
Peter Griffin Private B Waukon
Theodore Groezinger Lieutenant B Lansing
Hiram P. Hawkins Private A Postville
J.Y. Hawthorn Corporal A Waukon
Charles Hermanson Private B Quandahl
A.P. Kimberly Private A Waukon
W. Kleen Private I Rossville
Carl Knodt Private I Postville
C. Maxwell Private B Lansing
R.C. May Corporal B New Albin
James McClintock Private I Rossville
J.R. McClintock Private I Rossville
George McKee Private B Lansing
T.C. Medary Private B Waukon
W.J. Miller Private A Waukon
Julius Nelson Private B Lansing
John A. Peterson. Private B Elon
John Pixley Private A Postville
John W. Pratt Lieutenant A Waukon
John Randall Private H Lansing
E.S. Raymond Private A Waukon
W.S. Raymond Private A Waukon
F.H. Robbins Lieutenant I Waukon
John T. Robinson Private B New Albin
O.A. Ross Private I Waukon
S.L. Rush Private I Rossville
G.W. Sherman Private A Waukon
W.A. Shrody Corporal A Waukon
A.L. Stiles Private A Postville
Alonzo Thornton Private A Postville
D.R. Walker Private A Waukon
C.N. Wheeler Private I Rossville
Thomas B. Wiley Sergeant I Rossville
Isaac Woodmansee Private I Rossville

source: List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in IOWA in 1885; by William L. Alexander; 1886. Allamakee names extracted from the full text, transcribed & submitted by S. Ferrall