Charles H. Lewis Letter April 20, 1863
27th Iowa Top Banner

History of Buchanan County, Iowa 1842 to 1881
Transcribed by Tommy Joe Fulton and Peggy Hoehne

page 189



Colonel Gilbert reported last night, at midnight, to Colonel Lawler, who ordered him to march this morning, at 4:30 o'clock, to the Mobile & Ohio railroad depot, with two days' rations. When we received the order we had over two hundred men on picket duty. Major Howard is to remain in camp until the pickets are relieved, when he will immediately follow with his forces. Lieutenant Lake is quite sick, and was not permitted to go. I went down with the regiment to the depot, expecting to go on the first train, but was ordered back to camp on business, to follow on the next train. This gives me a moment's time to write a hasty communication to you.

We were paid on Saturday, up to the first of March. The boys were all greatly pleased. Many of them had suffered for want of money to support their families at home. But now all are well satisfied, and go in the direction of Corinth with light hearts to meet the foe.

Major Farish, paymaster for the district of Jackson, brought into town about two million dollars, sixty thousand of which was paid to our regiment. With the money came the intricate question, what shall we do with it? It is not safe to send by express. Adams' express, the only one here, shoulders no responsibility. Many of the Buchanan county soldiers sent their money by Captain Miller, company H, whose resignation has been accepted, and who left yesterday for home. Our estimable chaplain,  D. N. Bardwell, in company with Sutler Handy, goes to Cairo to-day, to take the money of the regiment to that place, where he can express it regularly and safely.

C. H. L.

[It was estimated that over forty thousand dollars was sent from the Twenty-seventh regiment after this payment.-E. P. ]