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I received a message from a librarian for the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection at Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana that said: "Among the items in our collection is a photograph album of cartes-de-visite that includes 22 photos of Civil War soldiers. We have been able to identify 10 of those, all of whom served in the 27th Iowa. The item descriptions for those photos include mention of the 27th Iowa. The remaining 12, mostly officers, have not been identified, but I suspect most if not all served in the 27th Iowa."

They have allowed me to post the photos on my website in the hopes that someone might be able to identify them. All of these soldiers (except LN-1927) are officers. The first 3 photos are high ranking officers (as denoted by the double breasted uniform). The other officers would be Captains or Lieutenants (single breasted uniforms).

If you recognize any of the following soldiers, please let me know. It is so sad to think that these soldiers might belong to the 27th Iowa and no one knows who they are.


LN-1883 LN-1889

                              Image LN-1883                                                        Image LN-1889

LN-1919 LN-1898

                              Image LN-1919                                                        Image LN-1898

LN-1900 LN-1920

                                 Image LN-1900                                                        Image LN-1920

LN-1923 LN-1931

                                 Image LN-1923                                                     Image LN-1931

LN-1935 LN-1936

                                  Image LN-1935                                                     Image LN-1936

LN-1939 LN-1927

                                 Image LN-1939                                                         Image LN-1927