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Andersonville Prison

Per Kevin Frye, Historian of Andersonville Prison: 13 men of the 27th Iowa were held as prisoners at Andersonville Prison. He sent me the documentation that he had on each of them. The links below for each soldier will take you to the research done on each one (including the information from Andersonville). Kevin Frye also has a website for Andersonville Prison.

The men of the 27th that were at Andersonville are:

  1. John Ahrend (Co. D)
  2. Frank Backman (Co. D)
  3. Seymour Barnes (Co. F)
  4. Isaac S. Cotton (Co. A)
  5. George W. Cromwell (Co. F, died at Andersonville)
  6. James D. Harrington (Co. B)--There is an interesting description of his capture and conditions at Andersonville.
  7. Henry Heiller (Co. D)
  8. William M. Horn (Co. F)
  9. Henry Kulhmann (Co. D)
  10. Edward Mulick (Co. H)
  11. Curtis C. Peers (Co. F)
  12. Orlando Putnam (Co. F, died at Andersonville)
  13. John Randall (Co. A)

The photos below are the Iowa monument at Andersonville as well as the two panels which have the names of those from the State of Iowa who are buried in Andersonville National Cemetery.

Andersonville Andersonville

Andersonville Andersonville

The bottom left panel has the name of G .W. Cromwell who died 8/2/1864 at Andersonville. His name is 5th from the bottom in the first column

The bottom right panel has the name of Orlando Putnum, who died 9/20/1864 at Andersonville. His name is 5th from the bottom in the first column

I am providing the information below for any descendants of the 27th Iowa that might be interested in more information regarding Andersonville Prison. This information was provided by Kevin Frye, Historian of Andersonville.

Hi, Elaine

Its always a pleasure to connect researchers with their ancestors and to share the story of Andersonville. I've been a historian of and at Andersonville for more than 14 years and it always gives me great satisfaction in helping.

I do have something you may or may not have an interest in. Its the next best thing to visiting Andersonville.

For several years I worked on a project for the Friends of Andersonville

I have taken the driving tour CD which available in the National POW Museum and have put it to photos.

The DVD is 45 minutes long and has a four minute photo tour of the POW Museum with a musical over play, and the prison ground portion has more than 200 photos I have taken myself which includes many with reenactors during our living history programs as well as many historic photos taken here during the war.

The Cemetery portion has more than 175 photos and tells the story of the cemetery and focus's on many individuals buried here. It also tells of the many monuments which were erected in the late 1800`s and early 1900`s.

You can view the National POW museum portion of the DVD on Youtube.

I have it available for just 17 dollars which includes postage. If you wish to purchase a copy you can send payment to

Kevin Frye DVD
30 Hillside Drive
Butler Georgia 31006.